How to 100% remove those dots mark on windscreen?

any1 know which product actually can remove those dots mark on the windscreen completely?

wat kind of dots marks?

erm something like water or dirt mark that stick on the windscreen. very hard to remove

For those marks u cud try using toothpaste :smiley: It is mild abrasive, takes off road film and stubborn dirt…can also use to take out small scratches on watch glass…Oh…u can also use for teeth :smiley: Try it on windscreen and let us know results .

Okay I will do it first =D

with water and sunlight dishwasher can do arr… :mrgreen: or u may try Rain X…

rain x only can remove 60% only leh… got any other product?

funny. I don’t wash my car most of the time and I never notice any black spot mark things on the windshield…? Are they tar?

erm nop. it seem like dirt+ water leftover mark