How? Read and ask me

Bello fellow sarawakians!

I would like to take time to share an important footnote here. If anybody here understand what its like to lost a close companion, father, mother, friends, from sickness; then you’ll understand my point. I too at the age 12 lost my dad to cancer. Then, i didn’t really think about it, but now i wonder if i could live longer for my family. I notice more and more of students now are getting into a lot of alcohol and smoking with reason ‘YOU LIVE ONLY ONCE’. It’s true, you live only once, but living for yourself isn’t wrong neither is it right, you should also live for others you care about.

What i’m saying is, [flash=]CARE[/flash] for others before they lose their life. AGREE? Hehe, i’m not really good at these kind of stuff. SO, what do we do? Make sure everyone YOU care for are well and living instead of plain wishes without any action. It’s for your comfort, for your health, for [flash=]YOU[/flash]!

What to do next? You think you’re safe? Think again and look around. Malaysia is one of the most cholesterol and heart attack death. Highest truth be told! How? How to change this? I don’t want to sound like a seller at the end, i just wanna share something. I, i might sound different now but my tone is still the same in my head, maybe, just maybe you understand, then ask me HOW.