How our tax is used - Strange case of Penjanabebas (IPP)

People pay tax.

Stupid government use our money to subsidize the Penjanabebas (IPP) at RM19 billion a year.
(Anwar juga menyelar tindakan kerajaan yang amat liat untuk menarik balik subsidi kepada syarikat-syarikat penjana tenaga bebas (IPP) yang kini menikmati subsidi gas yang mencecah RM19 bilion setahun.)

Stupid IPP bazir this money to launch Kempen Sekolah Hijau. Choose a school in Miri to do it. (28/2/2011)
(Just imagine how much the spent on travelling between KL and Miri. Not 1 or 2 persons. One big contingent. Not just once. Came for meeting many times.)

School do all the stupid things to launch the kempen. And the ministers memang kempenlah …

And the people suffer …

This is our Government !