How much L200s engine price?

my friend are looking for l200s engine. can some1 give me detail on how much will it cost for the engine itself at miri.tq :smiley:

i think the cheapest is 2.5k…not sure laa…maybe u can ask EF-JL.if i not mistaken he’s convert his kancil with turbo engine:)

hi Munky, i assume tat u got the whole set of wiring already, so the price for the engine (maybe plus ECU) is around RM1200-RM1500…im lucky to find 1 complete with wiring, crossmember, fuel pump, fuel tank, disc brake, radiator, and ECU for RM1400…u can try to ask Jun Entreprice or “Fun Lian” at piasau there… :smiley:

heheheh, eh how u know? :mrgreen: …

i think that info will help…thnx guys… you guys rock… ;D if there’s any problem i will ask again. hehe

berapa ya nak pasang l200s, kereta saya ini auto kancil. mau beli half cut.