How much are you willing to spend on a Graphic Card?

quadro still expensive… can get good gaming card…~

ya…hope that SuiginTou choose the right card, if the purpose is for gaming…siaplah…

emmm…better buy XBOX or PS3 hehe…no need upgrade

pc gaming and console gaming different category… so cant compare.~

for me, if want to upgrade the graphic card just for gaming, i think better buy console game…no need major upgrade for the PC…

but if the graphic card for graphic design, etc…should buy the good one graphic cards… :slight_smile:

well… i no time spend on console so buy oredy also throw there… haha…~ i kesien my wii like 2 months no on oredy…~

why not throw ur wii to my bag?hahahaaha :mrgreen:

sell u lo…~ haha…

I didn’t meantion anything about “gaming” right? ._.

now thats the problem, because… u r surrounded by gamers here, hahahahahahah, ok nice choice of graphic card :mrgreen:

not gaming use then oklor…~

something like a 8800GTS serves me well for Crysis, Chaos Theory, COD4, Pro Street and FEAR in full graphic details already, so I would say RM500-1000

waiting for Grand Theft Auto 4, hopefully my gc can still be useful for this game

8800GTS havent outdate yet man… no worries… got money then SLI it and ur back on the road…

please so, and I don have money anymore to get another card for SLi la… :mrgreen:
and because that a 9800GX2 kills a lot

for 9800gx2 i will got for gtx280… haha…

i got gtx460 768mb
very happy with it

next is to change the motherboard and cpu to i5

5850 user here! woots!

looking for gaming gc under 500, any1 wan to let go of their gc? pm me