How kayan ppl kahwin?[/quote]

how kayan ppl kahwin???

can you further elaborate on your topic? e.g: do you intend to find out more on a kayan wedding procedures?

yes… tat is wat i wan to… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Good topic… can someone document it in proper sequence.

u also so free to ask me too free? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
actually i have ask tis question in my own thread ‘’ why we wan to kahwin’’
but, ladybird ask me to open another thread for asking tis question le…
so… :lol:

this question is better than “why we wan kahwin” topic… at least it wont show how childish you are… ( a bit only la) keke

REfer to this … index.html

If they are christians they would do it as normally what christians do…

For example Catholics would do a church wedding(Holy Matrimony). Even other christian denominations do weddings in church iirc(if i recall)…

wah eugene u wat race kayan ka? how u kno so much?

im a chinese+kelabit… i am christian… so normally i see my relatives(kelabit) ones married they follow the church way… traditional marriage is gone… but they still wear those traditional cloths at the wedding reception… xD

i’m kayan ppl… if christian just do christian way but if u want traditional way also can but come with cost… u need to buy “gong”… why?? want to try…

pu neh…bc rembus kitu neh?

rite now, i think kayan n iban murah jak hantaran… kain sarong n parang only… unless ‘klunan maren’… then u’ll need to give them a ‘gong’.

awi jam dih itak klunan alem video hawak anan k… … dding.html

[quote=“cheryl84”]awi jam dih itak klunan alem video hawak anan k… … dding.html[/quote]

Dalo men Curtin te’ ha Long Laput dahin Long Bemang na research men Pustaka. Would be good dalo men bangsa beh nunih lahuh. This is so the younger generation knows our adet. Aku sedirik pah emjam te’ adet hawa’ tam. Te’ uli hudik pah emtek la’an.

ngeluan ineng video anan… akui pah jam adat hawak kayan lan. Great Work!!

next project in the making lahuh - penan project. :wink:

erm… dun know if penan got adat…

that is why it will be interesting. anyway, have you ever attended a kayan wedding before?