How is your Internet speed today?

Suffering major slowdown today. How are the rest of you?

kinda slow when going through social network or browsing the internet, but playing games like battlefield 3 was ok for me the whole time this afternoon till now.
Funny mine has a major effect on internet browsing or social network but not gaming. :?: :?: :?:

I could barely load some page. Bad timing for this slowdown to happen, tomorrow holiday…arrgh…

same goes to me some page slow loading some are fast. but its a good thing my gaming is not effecting cause I wanna play tonight and tomorrow is a holiday! :smiley:

Facebook can’t load, google cant load, searches cant load, everything cant load. But MCNET loads very very fast lol. Restarted my modem and the speed when shooting sky high. For a while only though.

Tm announcement… … PTION.aspx

Horrible Terrible Vegetable :cry:

but…out of so many websites i sufr daily,mcnet will giv me 404 once a while. server lauya huh? 8)

Network seems okay now.

Just found out the speed is snail pace, feels like having a 128kbps speed.

YouTube won’t load…and i am having 4mbps speed.

really slow eh!!! 1mb speed but only get 512kbps :@

Seems ok now. Was a little bit slow in the morning.

Rumors has it that someone from the higher up start censoring the Internet, particularly certain youtube video due to coming election.

ya , some of my youtube load very slow , some are very fast .

Youtube in my experience, when experiencing lag, a refresh would do the job until it buffers fast enough. Sometimes it’s just soo bad…