How if always argue with GF for doesn't let her check my phone ?!

I swear I did not flirt with other girl !
But she always want to check my phone.
The reason I don’t let her check is because of my working details is confidentially.
What should I do?!

  • Don’t tell me to break up.

Hello Samm,

I understand why you post here. heheheh. im no relationship expert (3 years coming, both 1st time serious relationship and is abt to go long distance). but mind if i give a few words of opinion?

a relationship is meant to have frictions every now and then, no friction, no fire maa… so its normal for couples to fight over most stupid things. now with her to keep asking for your phone, i see it this way. She wants to be more of a part in your life, this is because (i think) she trusts and loves you. and so of course would like to know some of your secrets, in a way she knows she’s the only one who knows it and so you two prove to be more intimate. i mean, i do that to mu gf, telling her things every once in a while and absolutely surprises her… but she like it, makes her feel she is more involved in my life.

I understand that you may mix your work/personal life so much you use 1 phone for both. and yes, as close as you are with your gf even your wife (in future). Work Confidentiality is something to be taken seriously. as close as me and my “Honeybee” are, she have never looked at my work email and she understands why. so its like a give-and-take i think… i dunno. i just explain to her like that.

now… like i said, im no relationship expert. but i know a place that gives Veeeeeery good advises for all sorts or relationship problems. just make an account there and post the question. I swear you will get awesome answers 100x better than mine. This forum here. and not just that they give answers to relationship problem you’ll never think exist… yeap

plus im high anyway so thats the only reason im giving a ***** about other peoples relationship.

Just download some apps to lock the work details hmm??

Try search “Zipit Chat” in your apps store. Might help you out on this situation?

Any introduce or information??

I searched it but seems like no idea for way to launch the app. Any info??

Sorry. Hmm… How come my phone app store could not find this app name? Anything wrong???

You can search this website to run the app.
Not difficult to launch only.
Check this out.

This app only available for Android only. You’re using IOS??

Ya. Im using IOS…LOL
so when the app will be launch in IOS???
I feel fingerprint also insecure leh

I did heard about this.
Sound like alot of people using this to lock phone protect privacy lol
samm should try this app out…60days trial version to let your girlfriend learn how to respect your privacy

Thank you for the info. Might try out the trial version…RM10 is quite cheap if this app is really secure

Truly. Nowadays, high tech make people forgot about respect others.
At least this AES256 encryption tech used in right place to protect privacy.
Well, thank you for suggestion too.

This means she loves and cares for you. My wife don’t care about me even if I went missing for a day. Lucky you!

Just explain to her and if she’s not the unreasonable type I’m sure she will understand. And I believe that you, in the first place, did not check her hp, or did you? lol~ There’s no such need for Apps just to block info from her if both of you could communicate on this. Apps is meant to keep the info safe in case your hp is lost or being in the hands of people who might make use of whatever work-related info you have.

Trust is important in relationship. All the best to you~

A confident girl no need check boyfriend handphone. It is because he cheat you or not in the end he going to leave u if he cheated. If she no check your phone means she trust u along way. Give people some space…whats wrong now u have girl friend u bong another girl…u keep bongk same girl…very sien weh…people see also think u dirty…beside girl self also can cheat…ask her back do u need me check your phone? answer she say sure no.when she dislike she will say hundred reason hate u…say this u make love by yourself. hahahaha…this will keep her understand.why bother waste your time check up people handphone. First handphone is his privacy. He can sue u trespass privacy. Girl dont so crazy. It is annoying. Every girl treat me like stalker…i started hate them…i wont side girl …girl more like stalker. check people handphone…ewww…scary…lucky i single. I dont trust girl. I only trust myself and my family. girl can be treated like dirt. for your case i recommend break up teach her a lesson. I got impression girl are money sucker…

love and care? i say stalker creepy number 1

Why did she insist looking at your phone at the first time? Is there any trust issue between both of you previously?
Sorry, i’m just curious :sweat_smile:

I have to agree with that the others are saying. The best thing that you could do would be to just lock away the files if you can. If you can’t then just tell her where not to look and watch over her. I mean she shouldn’t be mad that you want to hide the files that you have that are for work. If she is mad then that’s just crazy and honestly she needs to start building her self-esteem. She shouldn’t be that worried, if you didn’t want to be with her, then you wouldn’t be.

I think she just doesn’t believe you and trust you, and that’s one of the most important things in a relationship. I think you just need to have serious and long talk why she doesn’t trust you? Maybe her ex have cheated on her or maybe you did something wrong few years ago or maybe her parents split up after betrayal? Talking talking talking!