How hard for u to find a job?

just graduate from form 5… now seeking for job… non of the boss in miri seen to employ me… all they would say is wait for my call… what type of attitude is this?? finding a part time job is harder than finding a girlfriend… lOL~ Any suggestion on finding job??

  1. Candidate must at least possess a diploma certificate (mostly)
  2. Few years experience in certain fields (not necessary since some company will provide training)
  3. Find someone to recommend you in, self-request sometimes won’t be entertained. At Miri, a lot of workplace don’t seem to lack of employee, i guess. :?

EXCEPT you found a employer who only look for someone who got potential, meanwhile you got the potential that they need, then you are in luck.
In Miri, is not the people who don’t want to work, but there’s no one wants to employ them. :wink:

What area/industry are you looking to go into?

Are you furthering your studies?

Knowing your interests and passion will help you in
choosing the right job.

you want find job PM me

what kind of attitude is that? one would ask back the same question. They are not obliged to employ you as they have the right to choose the best candidate among all that applies for the job. Sry to burst you bubble, finding a good job is not easy nowadays. You just have to keep trying.

i totally agree with you blackorder

The vacancy is there, but you’re being choosy.

This is what happen to our jobless graduates now.

dude , I’m graduated from Form 5 too , just , there are many vacancies , either u being too choosy or you’re not looking at the right place , I have been a promoter last month , but now i changed to be a part-timer at eastwood and beach republic . Its more than enough working experience i had right now , if u ask me , sure , the jobs are hard but yeah , which jobs are not hard? So , relax , chill , just be a part timer at a hotel or something , at least u have a job :smiley:

Agreed, there are people come and go in my company.

Later salary no good, later said work is too tired, later said boss too strict…

Eh…Boss…Boss employ you to serve company, he paid you to solve problem…not hearing your problem.

want easy job can, work with your parent lor…

True… lots of jobs out there… but people are choosy.

‘graduated’ from form 5? graduated?? what the lol man.

to me you just got yourself out from using a diaper to wearing an underwear, lol.

hik hik…still long way to go dude, be4 i further my study, i work at sugarbun, some of my frens work at kfc, pizza hut, petronas station, office boy, etc , hm…funny, still some1 said no place to work…

What can you offer the prospective employers with your present skill, knowledge and experience? They are not running a charitible organisation. They are there to manage an establishment to ensure it prosper and benefits its shareholders and employees. And there are thousands of Form 5 school leavers, not counting those from colleges and universities competing in the employment market each year for jobs. What have you got to to be amongst the best few shortlisted candidates?
You seem to be more skillfull, knowledgeable and experience in finding girlfriends than wanting to better yourself in your free time to pursue the necessary tools so you can place yourself amongst the few employable candidates. Think about it!

First impression is vital. How you present your resume and how you present yourself the moment you walk into the interview room will either get you employed or pre-fired!

For your information, I started out working as a helper after Form 5 for RM150/- per month but I’m not complaining. Hope that will give you some idea how competitive job markets are and willing to start and learn from the low rung of jobs and work your way up the job ladder.

Some are just crybabies.

Better further study first rather than working while u still young…and after graduated dont be too choosy when looking for a job what important gain knowledge and experience so after that u can demand $$$$

“graduates” r getting dumber nowadays

that y wont kena hired


difficult to impossible in Miri

since u r with eastwood and beach republic, take up some courses like accounting / business admin. Then move to Woodman.

by analyzing the short sentences you wrote, i believe you have a future being a matchmaking/dating agent 8)

Like they say “…a blind man guides a blind man, both will fall into a pit…”