How Do You Pronounce the word 'Boulevard'?

Boulevard Hypermarket is a popular shopping mall in Miri. Yet not many people can pronounce the word ‘Boulevard’ correctly. Please listen to the correct pronunciation by clicking the link below:

Unfortunately, very few people are open-minded enough to be corrected. You will become a laughing stock if you say the correct pronunciation over a microphone in public. I experienced that myself. I was derided for pronouncing the word as ‘boo(read as bu)-le-vad(not verd)’ in a gathering. It is still a standing joke among my friends.

The same thing happens in Kuala Lumpur too. Very few people can pronounce the word ‘carrefour’ correctly.

My nephew would say ‘‘bulu bird’’

Hehe, very funny.

[size=150]Bow lee bak![/size]

“jom g bolived” :mrgreen:

boo - lee - vard

Bu Li Va!

haiyoo… in Chinese “FU LI HUA” more easylo… haha…

The Chinese pronunciation is very close to the correct pronunciation.

bulu lebat!

i usually say boulevard is BULU LEBAT

i usually say boulevard is BULU LEBAT[/quote]

Sounds amusingly right.

I pronounce it. bolevat :smiley: :smiley:

my son called it : Bu-la-but

me? I just pronounce it ‘blabed’.

most common one is bo-li-ved

18SX! :lol:

this just accent…like chinese people here also cant pronounce malay word very well… :roll:

buri-bird…called that since small, still call it that way now lolo

bu lee wat

bully what