How do you know your tyre was inflated with the correct psi?

do you know how to determine whether your car type was inflated with the correct psi? lets see how many of us do really know or you just guess or you sense it or by looking at it…

I only found out about it a month ago that there is a sticker placed at the side of the driver’s door opening indicating the correct pressure for the original stock tyres. :stuck_out_tongue:

the tyre’s spec itself is engraved on the tyre wall itself.

right on! that is the correct psi we should follow for the front and back tyres. i also didn’t know about it before and keep on using 35psi for all the types. there is a slight psi different between the front and back tyres as well.

tyre wall pressure is max. pressure and should never be inflated to max. always refer to your car’s manual.

trust me, you don’t want your tyres to burst under over pressure.

not really… what was engraved only tell you the maximum allowable psi for the tyre plus other information such as the date the tyre was manufactured, etc. what Jack replied is correct and that’s what we should use to ensure durability.

Normal cars with Normal tyres are good with 29psi.

I agree. Under-inflated tyres give a very comfortable ride but wear and tear on the tyres are high whereas over-inflated tyres may be dangerous as the grip on the road is not that secure but your car run smoother on the road surface and probably save on fuel. Round of to 30 psi is ok.