How do you enjoy the holiday season?

What do you and your family do for the holiday season? I would imagine it is different all around the world but most people spend time with their families between now and the new year. We will be having thanksgiving next Thursday then the usual Christmas celebration with gifts but we do this on the eve of the day. We just have a dinner together on the day.

We are like you Britanica, just myself and my husband, and I just make a nice dinner but nothing over the top. We celebrate Christmas, we just exchange a few small gifts.

I actually go overboard with gifts as I do buy some for my cats and my mom’s dogs. We get together at her house so I always bring some toys for the pups. My one cat who I have had since he was a baby knows he is getting gifts. He is so spoiled. I have done it every year since I had him. The other one I took in a few years ago. He is older and was living on the streets. I felt bad. So yeah, he gets gifts too! haha