How do stop my puppy from biting?

Dear All,

Would appreciate your good advice on how to stop my almost 6 months old puppy from biting anything from my mom’s plant/flower to my expensive sandals. Also he likes to dig hole all around the house. He’s bite anything he can get his mouth on and I have warned him not to do so previously, but he still does it. BITE!
Last night when I realized I forgot to put my sandals in the house it’s already too late, I found it laying somewhere near to his favourite dug hole, ‘lifeless’, hahahah! My second sandals being destroyed by him, heart is hurting cos the sandals cost me quite a bit considering. I did told him ‘nicely’ afterwards not to bite my shoes anymore. Sigh! :cry:

I know he’s still at his so called teeting stage, but I think my Mom’s patience will run out one day and I worried that she will ‘throw’ him out one day. :frowning: Her plant/flower have not been spared either.

rotan to the face

Go to a vet and get a kind of spray which emit an odor that can deter them.

sent them to school…at Real-K9 Training :slight_smile:

It’s actually a good idea, I have been thinking about that quite a while…but how is the cost? Appreciate your advise.

if me…i will scold him lor…with loud voice…show it what it had done…and repeat and again…pukul him a little,not to hard lah…tell it not to do it…if he is listening,you see it ear going down,and sad face…and you can buy chew toy or bone for it…go get a beef bone or pig also can,leg bone…cook it (boil it),that can be its chew toy and it give kalsium to the puppy…i treat my puppy like friend,and it is very obedience now…no bite,no poop and pee anywhere…also no holes…

u bite ur dog back, then it’ll stop :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

[quote=“knightstemplar”]It’s actually a good idea, I have been thinking about that quite a while…but how is the cost? Appreciate your advise.

u can PMed our member called Mr.Reno911. he will guide u 8)

Buy the toy to bite enough liao.
If still cannot control. Throw away haha

Use belt to tie it’s mouth… 100% won’t bite anymore.

i got 2 dog and the smaller one can bite people shoes but nvm
my mon say the dog wont bite shoes already when he grow older

my dog bit sandal too, but …he bite other people sandal also
not like yours

what breed is it may I ask?

He’s in his 6-month-old-I-wanna-bite-everything stage. He’s probably changing his teeth and it’s very uncomfortable for him and that’s why he chews so much. Get a nice chew toy or old socks for him to sink his teeth into but make sure NO SHOES for him. Not even old shoes. Because dogs can’t tell the difference between old and new shoes.

Don’t tell him “NO” in a happy, high pitched voice because he will think that you are praising him. You could say “Stupid stupid dog” in a high pitched voice and he’s gonna think you’re lovingly condoning what he’s doing. Say “NO” in a really loud, booming, soldierlike, commanding tone. And if he drops the shoe, give him a treat. If he drops the shoe, don’t hit or scold him because well, he dropped the shoe and by scolding, he’s gonna think that you don’t want him to stop chewing.

Easiest way to solve the problem would be to keep your sandals away from him (eg. in the house/in a shoe cupboard). And give him something to chew. His teeth are painin now. But that’s normal. =]