How do i get in touch with the expat community in Miri?

Is there a website or someone’s contact information I could call up?

Oh yea, have you heard about the free workshop i’m doing. I just still don’t have a venue yet. how much would a hotel meeting room cost for about 5 hours with some beverage and refreshments? roughly? anyone?

I have no idea about the pricing though, but you may want to try Dynasty Hotel (good food), Grand Palace Hotel (ok) or Eastwood Valley Golf Park (they do have function halls available depending on pax). Why im replying is cos’ im looking forward to the free workshop as well

Have you tried alloexpat malaysia?

What kind of workshop is it?

I still remember we booked one
at Imperial before for about RM1750
for 50 pax plus F&B too…

Or if you want budget ones can go
to Institut Fajar at Boulevard beside
rojak and flower shop for 50 pax
RM100 only. No F&B though…