How did u guys amuse someone

Really need help. I displeased someone by my speech. How or what words should I say to amuse the one being hurt?

What situation, and what you said?

Anything, any situation that u knw is considered a insultation.

Some people will think that “you’re fat” is an insult, while some thinks that its a fortune and sign that they have more food to spare. It depends on who they are. So in your case, I have no idea what could have offended your partner. There even a possibility that saying “hi” is a insult to your partner.

say “I am sorry. I am wrong. Please forgive me.”

if a boy, just call him out said you belanja makan KFCK. as a friend will not hold grudge one lah…

If girl, whole different story…

tell us the 100% real situation so that we can give advice accordingly.

just be original and honest . btw, u cant please everyone :slight_smile:

Can I just send in a card?

b a man if ure a guy… or if you’re a gal, you may send a card…:slight_smile: