How did Kampung Pangkalan/Pengkalan get its name

First is the name Kampung Pangkalan or Kampung Pengkalan???
When I first came to this area in the 1980’s it was called Kampung Pangkalan. In fact, my postal address was Jalan Kampung Pangkalan but for some unknow reason was changed to Jalan Kampung Cina??
I was quite surprised when I looked at Global Earth that the name is given as Kampung Pengkalan?
I did a site survey. All the Street Names Signs and Signpost have the name Kampung Pangkalan. I can only find a new Plaque at the river front that has the name Kampung Pengkalan. See photos.
Not sure what’s has happened here. As someone made a spelling mistake on the Plaque or was it a conscious decision to change the Kampung name to Pengkalan, it is a Malay word with a similar meaning but not as common as Pangkalan. Changing the name after all these years has causes unnecessary confusion. The only upside I can see is someone may make a niece profit if they get a contract for changing all the street name signs and signpost. Anyway, if by accident or by design Google Earth and Google Maps now have the name Kampung Pengkalan?

Now getting the origin of the name based on Kampung Pangkalan. When I first arrive here it was explained to me that Kampung Pangkalan got its name from a Jetty that was used in bygone days where people transferred by boats to travel up and down the river. I can’t recall a jetty being there at that time. As I learned my limited Malay talking to local people, I thought that Pangkalan was always translated into English as a jetty.
I have recently acquired a 1945 WW2 map (see maps). I was looking at the map to see if there was a jetty. Where I expected to see a jetty, in fact there was a narrow bridge. I have also overlaid the 1945 map onto Google Earth so you can see where old narrow bridge is in relation to the Kampung.
I checked the English translation of Pangkalan . At the top of the list was “base” second on the list was “jetty”. When I looked at the 1945 map there is WW2 Army Base/Barracks . In Malay an Army Base would be “Pangkalan Tentera”. Bases on this I believe that the name “ Pangkalan” originated from the WW2 Army Base as I don’t have any evidence that there ever was a Jetty in this area.

I would welcome any comments especially if it supports the possibility the name originated from a Jetty. Not a big issue. I am just being very curious

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