How can i rate the fee?

Hallo all.

I am dilemma right now bcos idk how to rate the tuisyen fee. i open tuisyen class at my home upon request from my mother’s friend. right now, i have no idea how to charge them. during my time studying at KL, i oso teach tuisyen. but 2 hours is RM50 for each subject and twice a week. but now, im teaching at my home almost everyday oso 2 hours. but they ask me to teach all the subject.

do i charge based on hours? or based on subject? or flat rate same for a every month?

charge per subject + hours.

Real Example for a Form 3 student for BM subject alone.

  1. Tuition centre at Morjaya: 2 hours per week, RM70.00 per month,
  2. Teacher home at Holiday Park: 3 hours per week, RM60.00 per month.