Houses Wanted (Rent)

We want to rent house with conditions as stipulated below:

  1. Personal- One House, must be newer house, rental budget below 800, spacious outdoor compound preferably ss terrace corner or ss semi-d or detached and location can be flexible.

  2. Business Purpose (Kindergarten/Daycare Centre) - Two houses (different location), location1 (Pujut 7 or Permy area) & location2 (Airport side), must have at least 4 room or able to extend to 4 room, preferably unfurnished or partly furnished, spacious outdoor compound, rental budget highly flexible, property type from terrace corner, semi-d, detached house to mansion.

Date wanted: 01 June to not later than 31 August 2010 for both personal and business.

Ps: We may opt for purchase for item no. 2, it all depends.

Those interested please pm me for immediate further action!