House for SALE (infor. updated)

how i know? i din ask so much!! i don think now having economy crisis then d house should sale cheap cheap!! housing pricing oni will incress day by day then i nv heard it’s decress!! ecp. dirty houses!

i know the owner …i will nego the price again with him…

hehehe!! really? u interested to buy orh?

This house last time I see the car pouch got cracked on the floor. The workmanship is very rough and design is not that good too. Anyway I think the price is slight high otherwise is OK. 10% cheaper sounds not too bad


Where is Hill Side garden?

Left side (Jalan Cahaya) on the way to General Hospital.

don worry, its land slide free. lolx

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LOL… Hillside Garden… luckily nt HillSlide Garden wor… interested to get a house next year (waiting 4 serious economic recession)…price
expected to be dropped… OR get an auction house frm banks (NPLs)… we’ll see… and jia you 4 me… heheheh… :twisted:

hehehehe!! if interested then sure price still go nego. don worries!

huh… i dun think that the house price ever dropped.increased ada lah…

lolx… wat to do? malaysia boleh mar!!

bring up my post

where’s the house located? kindly advise. thank you!

i’ll upload d locality plan when free :slight_smile:


Please check the follwing link: … n%20cahaya

Steven, Im very much interested. Had sent PM to you but no reply. Pls contact me. Thanks.