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[b]sedikit info…

* saya menjual pelbagai branded perfume..
* perfumes adalah 100% original.. No imitations.. No Replica.. No ori-reject...
* semua perfumes dalam kotak ye...
* kenapa murah? sbb saya mmg takde kedai... so, no overhead costs incurred dalam bisnes ni...
* item list dan gambar ada di blogshop saya .... nanti saya upload kat sini..hubungi saya untuk pertanyaan atau order...
* kalau anda ada nak lain2 perfume yang takde dalam list tu boleh request saya di []( atau sms 019-7258803 for fast respond..

kat bawah ni ready stock perfumes list…sila hubungi saya untuk request perfume yang takde dalam list…

Burberry The Beat (set) (RM228)
Burberry Brit women 100ml (RM190)
Bvlgari Pour Homme 100ml (RM171)
Bvlgari Pour Homme Extreme 100ml (RM171)
Carolina Herrera Sexy 212 5ml (RM35)
CK Euphoria Tester unit (RM185)
CK one 100 100ml (RM110)
Truth CK men 100ml (RM144)
Davidoff Cool Water 125ml (RM145)
Davidoff Cool Water GAME 100ml (RM145)
Dunhill desire red 100ml (RM145)
Dunhill desire blue 100ml (RM145)
Dunhill London (RM170)
Dunhill Pure 75ml (RM145)
Dunhill Pursuit 75ml (RM145)
Issey Miyaki women 6ml (RM35)
Kenzo Flower 10ml (RM60)
Lancome Miracle EDP 100ml (RM195)
Lolita Lempicka for men 50ml (RM145)
Lolita Lempicka for women 50ml (RM145)
Mont Blanc Individuel 75ml (RM145)
Mont Blanc Starwalker 75ml (RM136)
Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet Man 50ml (RM145)
Pacco Rabbane Ultraviolet women 5ml (RM35)
Vera Wang Princess 100ml (RM195)

online shop saya mengadakan promosi jualan pembukaan sekarang…ada discount up to 15%…harga2 kat list atas tu harga promosi…lepas ni harga akan back to normal…so, jangan lepaskan peluang anda! order sekarang…!!

*FREE shipping by POSLAJU

terima kasih… [/b]

  1. Is it original?
    Yes. Our perfumes are 100% Original. They are not defected,refill or imitation products.

  2. Where do you get them?
    Most of the perfumes are from DUBAI.

  3. Is it new perfume?
    Yes. We do not sell second hand perfumes. Our perfumes will come with boxes and sealed.

  4. Then why is it so cheap?
    We are selling it online. We do not need any official shops/kiosks to sell/store/display our products. We also do not have to pay for the advertisement and employee. So that we can offer you with a cheaper price that you would not get anywhere else! :slight_smile:

  5. How to know whether they are original or imitation?
    Shake the bottle and small bubbles will appear and slowly pops. If it is not, it will just form large bubbles n pops in a second because it had been mixed with water. Besides bubbles, original perfume smells also will stay longer compared to fake one. Perfume lover should know this, right? :slight_smile:

  6. What if I found out that it is not original?
    We are very confident with our products, so that you will be given one week money back warranty on each perfume that you buy. If you found anything on it that proves our product is fake, we will return your money BUT it is entitled to T&C of our money back warranty.

  7. I am staying at Sabah/Sarawak, will I get FREE shipping that you mentioned in the promotion?
    Yes. As long as the delivery in Malaysia, you will still get the special offer.


bump 4 today :slight_smile:

update :

[b]New stock is coming…!!!

Expected arrival date : in the middle of April

Book your perfumes now…! (50% of the price is required for booking)

Normal Size Perfumes

Antonio Benderas Black Seduction 100ml (RM175)
Burberry Brit Sheer 100ml (RM195)
Bvlgari Extreme 100ml (RM170)
Bvlgari pour homme extreme 100ml (RM170)
Bvlgari Rose Femme 100ml (RM180)
Bvlgari Rose Femme 100ml (RM180)
Ck One Set Male 100ml (RM190)
Davidoff Cool Water Women 100ml (RM145)
DKNY be delicious green bottle 100ml (RM200)
Dkny be delicous RED 100ml (RM200)
DKnY Night 100ml (RM200)
Dunhill Desire 100ml (RM165)
Dunhill Desire Blue 100ml (RM150)
Dunhill Desire Red 100ml (RM150)
Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue 100ml (RM175)
Elizabeth Arden After 5 100ml (RM170)
Elizabeth Arden Provocative 100ml (RM170)
Estee Lauder Pleasure for Women 100ml (RM190)
Eternity Men 100ml (RM160)
eternity women 100ml (RM160)
Hugo Element 90ml (RM165)
JLO Glow after Dark 100ml (RM160)
Kenzo Flower 100ml (RM190)
Lolita Lampika EDP 100ml (RM180)
Lolita Lampika Femme 100ml (RM170)
marcj jacob Men 100ml (RM190)
Mont Blanc Individuel 100ml (RM150)
Pacco rabanne Silver Shadow Attitude 100ml (RM165)
Pacco Rabbane Black XS tester 30ml (RM140)
Pacco Rabbane Silver shadow Private 100ml (RM175)
Paul Smith tester 100ml (RM110)
Polo Black tester 100ml (RM190)
Salvatore Faragamo Black 100ml (RM175)
Versace Crystal 100ml (RM185)
Versace Men 100ml (RM175)



Aigner Man 2 7ml (RM35)
aigner Starlight Femme 6ml (RM35)
Azzaro Bright 20ml (RM55)
Azzaro Chrome 20ml (RM55)
Azzaro Pure M + W 5 ml x 2 (RM55)
Azzaro Silver Black 20ml (RM45)
Burberry Edp 4ml (RM35)
Carolina Harrera CHIC women EDP 5ml (RM35)
D&G REFILL 11MLx3 (RM185)
Dunhill Desire Blue mini set 5ml (RM35)
Hermes Miniature set MnF 5ml (RM55)
Hermes Miniature Spray 15ml
Lancome Miracle forever Ladies 5ml (RM35)
Mont Blanc Individuel mini set 5ml (RM35)
Paul Smith London 5ml (RM35)
Paul smith London Men 5ml (RM35)
Polo Black 7ml (RM35)
Polo Double Black 7ml (RM35)
Polo explorer 7ml (RM35)
Ultravoilet Femme 5ml (RM35)
Ultravoilet Men 5ml (RM35)
Versace cystal noir edt 5ml (RM35)
versace Male edt 5ml (RM35)
Versace male new 5ml (RM35)


Azzaro Pure M + W 5 ml x 2 (RM55)
Carolina Herrera mini set M-edt+W-edp 5ml x 2 (RM55)
Ck One Set Male 100ml (RM190)
Dunhill Desire Blue mini set 5ml (RM35)
Hermes Miniature set MnF 5ml (RM55)
Mont Blanc Individuel mini set 5ml (RM35)

[b]visit our blogshop for more info n pics … :slight_smile:

contact no : 019-7258803 (sms only)

email :[/b]

[b]update :

Hermes Terre D’hermes Edt Men 200ml (Zaidi)
Vera Wang Princess (Zaidi)
Marc Jacob Men (Zaidi)
Hermes Terre D’hermes Edp Men 75ml (Eusoff)
Hermes Miniature Spray (Eusoff)
Dunhill Desire 100ml (Syazwan)
Hermes Miniature Set Mnf (Azura)
Kenzo Flower 100ml (Ila)

thanks y’all :smiley:


[b]Special untuk yang tak suka tunggu lama2…

stok baru dah sampai… cepat2 order sebelum terlambat…!

*email or sms untuk pertanyaan

Brand/Type Price (RM) Qtty (available)

standard size
Bvlgari Rose Femme 100ml (RM180) 2 available
Bvlgary Extreme 100ml (RM170 ) 1 available
Lolita Lempicka EDP 100ml (RM190) 1 available
Paul Smith tester (RM120) 1 available

versace Man edt 5ml (RM35) 4 available
Aigner Man 2 7ml (RM35) 3 available
aigner Starlight Femme 6ml (RM35) 2 available
Burberry Edp 4.5ml (RM35) 2 available
Burberry The Beat Edp 4.5ml (RM35)2 available
Lancome Miracle forever Ladies 5ml (RM35) 2 available
Paul smith London Men 5ml (RM35) 4 available
Paul Smith London women 5ml (RM35) 3 available
Polo Black 5ml (RM35) 3 available
Polo explorer 5ml (RM35) 3 available
Ultravoilet Femme 5ml (RM35) 1 available
Ultravoilet Men 5ml (RM35) 1 available
Versace cystal noir edt 5ml (RM35) 3 available
Versace pour homme 5ml (RM35) 4 available

mini :
Dunhill Desire Blue mini set (RM55) 4 available
Mont Blanc Individuel mini set (RM55) 4 available