Horsepower to fight crime

KUALA LUMPUR: Criminals beware the police have added horsepower to their crime-prevention rounds.

Police officers on horses will be weaving in and out of busy traffic at the Golden Triangle as part of new measures to combat crime. The police horse unit, which had traditionally been used for crowd control and during riots and demonstrations, has been deployed under Operation Zero Crime Zone. The mounted officers are expected to be a deterrent to wayside robberies and snatch thefts. “They will be able to cover more ground, especially in crowded areas and alleys,” said Dang Wangi police chief Assistant Commissioner Kamal Pasha Jamal. Kamal said the police had received positive feedback from the public who were pleased with the presence of the mounted officers. "We are using eight horses for this operation which will end in December. “However, more horses could be deployed if necessary,” he said, adding that the police aimed to make the Golden Triangle area a zero-crime zone by the end of the year to prepare for Visit Malaysia Year 2007. “This is to enable tourists to feel safe when they visit our country,” he said.