Horror Place In Miri

Any idea where got horror place in miri ?

any kubur will b horror…not believe? try n go la hahahah

That for sure laa . I mentioned something like forbidden house or something

hahah…i have heard one of the primary school that have pokok ara a the school field…dx knw what the name of the school…coz i am not mirian…just always transit there last time…coz one of my young auntie(the title) kena sampuk b4, and with her other schoolmate…

I try to search it . At tanjung also got . Abandoned houses , but never going in . many rumors about that house ==" But dont have any evidence paranormal activity inside . Just rumors . How panggau ? Go try it . Hehehe

u curious? why not we organize a small group and spend a night there :stuck_out_tongue:

Just after doctor teo house at jalan tanjung, there r four abandoned house

Pujut 1 deep inside, got few wooden houses, can heard footsteps walking up and down the staircase every night. And the ceiling fan will turn on itself even though the electricity was cut off, yieaks !!

Bro/Sis, If anyone happens to drop by horror places, can take pics and share, this is interesting. Give some brief description on the photo (address). We would like to do some research.

Too curious … Why not ? hehe … If got people kena sampuk just left him behind . huhu :lol:

don’t forget your digital cameras (for taking pics)

and any voice recording devices (to record EVP)

DMsia, I’m still loving your display picture.

If got group maybe can consider . hehe . Any volunteer ?

Sign up here for 2nite -~ explore haunted house


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Name : Espute LorFono Eskata
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Not accept me ?

Sign me in.

Name: Dornz
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Expell dornz immediately :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in.

Name: Meh.
Age: 28
Sex: Sometimes.
Contact: Seriously i won’t post my phone number here.