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What is the role of the Honorary Consul of Malaysia if it is not for helping fellow Malaysians?

By Malaysian in Indonesia

[This letter was also sent to Dato’ Sri Anifah Aman and the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta - MTadmin]

It has come to my knowledge that a certain Malaysian citizen has been in police captivity here in Bali for the last two months due to minor drug possession. His release papers were given today and he was granted leave by the Bali police as he has shown proof that the drugs he brought in was for medical purposes.

The Indonesian lawyers as well as the Bali Police and us, Malaysians here in Indonesia, were appalled by the inaction of our Honorary Consul of Malaysia, Mr. Feisol Hashim.

When we found out about the arrest of the young Malaysian man, we concerned Malaysians sought help from the Consul but no one picked up the phone (no one ever picks up the phone and that leaves us wondering whether anyone is working).

We finally called the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta and were told that no help whatsoever will be given to this young man. We did not like what we heard but if this was the orders from the higher ups, there was nothing we could do.

However, as fellow Malaysians, all we could do was to visit him and give him some words of comfort. While we were at POLDA (the police holding cell in Bali), we saw many arrested citizens from different countries and we also saw many consuls coming in to lend help and support in whatever way they could to their fellow citizens. But I guess the Honorary Malaysian consul is too busy cooped up in his beautiful office at Alam Kul Kul Resort, Kuta, to make a trip to POLDA to say a kind word or two to his fellow citizen.

However, what was more appalling was the fact that on the day of this young mans release, Mr Feisol Hashim did not carry out his duty as an Honorary Consul of Malaysia or as a fellow human being. To be released from prison, this young man needed another Malaysian to sign his release papers. To sign the release paper is a mere formality and it is not a guarantee and does not even have any legal implications. Hence, his lawyers approached Mr. Feisol Hashim to sign for this young man but he vehemently refused.

The lawyers spent three hours with Mr. Feisol Hashim trying to convince him just to put his signature on the paper. It would not take even a minute of his time. Why did he refuse? What is the role of the Honorary Consul of Malaysia if it is not for helping fellow Malaysians?

Well, it is not all gloom and doom for the young Malaysian. He found other Malaysians who were willing to sign his release papers for him so that he could return to his family. We will be highlighting this to Wisma Putra and hope that Wisma Putra could give us an answer as to why Mr. Feisol Hashim as Honorary Consul Malaysia in Bali says that this is not his jurisdiction and if so, what is his jurisdiction.

Honorary consul or ambassadors aside, it is very shameful when we would not even extend a helping hand to a fellow human being, regardless of nationality, race or belief.

Malaysian in Indonesia

A consul who dishonored himself.