HONDA EG9/EG8 Smart Bodykit

Hi there!
Plan to cosmetic surgery my EG with smart looking bodykit . Please post some of your EG pic please. I went to Kim Seng but they suggest me to go for extreme 1 but not interested with it. I want my EG to look much like VIP style.

to be honest, there are few cars with very suitable shape to be styled like VIP - but not EG la bro.

imho, eg8/9 is a mid sized sedan. and meant for jdm kits. go for something longer and wider like sm4, sv4 if u want vip.

Ok not VIP la if like this,JUST SMART looking.No fancy GT WING and etc…

hmm… if i were u. just put mugen lips and rays TE37 15" wheels is enough.

go for JDM looks. maintain your stock looks, but couple it with 16" genuine bronze TE37 or CE28 wrap with Neova AD07/08 and lowered stance woth all round disc brake - your day driving your car would never be the same again.

and owh, if got a little bit of effort, mod eg6 front bumper to replace your stock front bumper.


dun forget to fit tein adjustable for better stability. no more sampan2 during corner. 8)

aNY example pic?

din find any suitable pic.

but imagine these on ur car.

Here some for u… JDM look n super drag CRX… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

haha. those are killer civics.

Wow like the rims and of course the mind blowing CIVICS!!! I saw few mirian put MAZDA 6 front bumper before,look prety cool too…

you can put those mazda6 bumper, but it will goes along with those side skirts, and rear skirt - which will ended up making your car looks very2 low. by then, you’ll need big sets of rims to make it go along with the looks.

which, will sacrifice your engine power to cater for moving the big rims.

Hey guys, I found something cool. Tell me what is ur opinion on this 1. Suggestion,comment,critics…

of course it’s nice - question is would it be suitable on miri’s road condition?

seems too low.

yeah … this 1 just for cruzing only…

jdm look dont use fibre… look for the real parts instead, u wont regret… kch have good resource to hunt jdm parts

bodyline abit destroyed cos the kit is too bulky on front bumper. some unwanted elements on side skirt vent. curvy lines on front bumper and suddenly boxy element on side skirt? what’s in the designer’s head? japan GT side mirror? err… :roll:

lol most of the time, spoiler spoils ur car

Errrr… What about this 1 bro… I think this 1 is okey… :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: