Homeless hornbills

Yup. Goes to show how smart some of the planners really are.


Intended meaning: ‘Hornbills represent Sarawak

–point of suspense–

Unintended meaning : ‘Development is destroying the hornbills habitat’.


http://www.miriresortcity.com/?q=articl … _hornbills

Ouch. :lol: Have been passing by that roundabout numerous times, and it never occured to me the obvious alternate meaning. :lol:

In fact, I never realised it as well. I took this photo some time ago, but never got around to putting it up. So I dug up this photo to work on it, i realised that it’s kinda dumb to depict hornbills on chopped off trees… and even then it took several more seconds to strike me.

In fact I don’t think anybody ever noticed its alternative meaning.

Lookit how sad the hornbills are.

come to think of it… it does seem that way…

You know what? the only monkeys and hornbills i see now adays(last time used to have more in and around miri) are in Brunei… I rarely see them even if i drive from miri to kuching… but just miri to brunei… the sightings ratio is way more than even being in a national park… O.o