Homeless and stateless need help

THE number of homeless people in Miri is increasing, with many found sleeping on the streets.

I came across two such cases over the past week and referred them to the Miri Welfare Department. According to a welfare officer, they are out on the streets due to family problems.

“We are looking into the matter and trying to take them off the streets.

“The family does not want them and they end up here,” said the officer.

Late last year, I came across another two homeless persons living in Miri city centre and they were stateless, too.

The single mother and her adopted son were found sleeping at the market place.

The boy is still small, aged about five. Both have no personal documents.

He will not be able to go to school unless his birth certificate and his foster mother’s MyKad issues are sorted out soon.

She is uneducated and has no family in Miri. She is from another district and they survive on the meagre income from selling jungle produce at the market.

This problem of homeless and stateless folk in Sarawak is widespread, even in the towns and cities.

This needs political will to be resolved and must transcend politics.

Pakatan Harapan and Sarawak parties in Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) must work closely to find a solution.

Join forces to help them through the relevant ministries in Kuching and Putrajaya.

I must say that the politicians are trying hard and managed to solve many cases.

Last November, 190 cases of those without personal documents were uncovered in Miri through an operation carried out by Sarawak United Peoples Party (SUPP).

I hope both Pakatan and GPS will carry out concerted campaigns to identify and help the homeless and stateless people in Sarawak.

Source: https://www.thestar.com.my/metro/views/2019/07/25/homeless-and-stateless-need-help/