Home Tuition For Add-Math Only!

Hi. I plan to hold a small group home tuition which approximately 5-6 student either Form 4 or Form 5 student for me to focus on every each of them.
I’m currently pursuing Degree in Engineering so basically I’m dealing with Add-Maths (called Engineering Mathematics in Uni) everyday.
In SPM, I got A+ for Add-Maths also. :wink:

Starting November, I will be helping my sister and her friends who are Form 4 this year with their Add-Maths as they didn’t get good results in their exam and their tuition teachers are not going back to chapters in Form 4 anymore.

As I’m still a student so i plan to hold the class on Saturday and Sunday only from 1430-1630.
Location: Desa Pujut (Permyjaya)

Please. If anyone of you are interested, please email me. cassandra_2106@hotmail.com :smiley: