Home break in T.T

My home just broke in by thief yesterday nite.i’ve lost my laptop.a HP dv2 laptop.totally new…still on installment…huh…if anyone found that got people selling stolen laptop.please do contact me.ur help will be seriously appreciated! 016-8556769 Really Really thanx!

Where do you live at?

ok , im gonna ask a few of my buddy , where do u exactly live ?

TT as in Taman Tungku?

too bad~

Headhunter!dont tell me u r the one lost ur psp at taman tungku?the sarjan come my home from tmn tungku to permy(my home) desa indah.huh…really sad…still need to pay Rm800 for the laptop cz still on installment…but i pay for nothing!wtf!sad…

how the thief break in o…izzit break the door or just cut a hole on the locked door and go in…
my cousin there also break in few weeks ago…and found out the locked door were cutted with a big square hole on the bottom

we had house broke in 2 times in a year when we were living in a different suburb.
but we also had house insurance that covers it… so we got all electrical goods new and free! :stuck_out_tongue:

O_O if i find a cheap lappy fo sale, I aint gonna report it. I’ll buy it! lolx. one man’s loss is another man’s gain. hehe

what if it’s easily break or few parts already broken…sai tiau lui le

Its easy to get your notebook back with around 45% probability. Each notebook have special ID tag both physically and inside the registered BIOS or Net ID, when it log into WIFI connection any internet hub/networkhost could detect where the notebook is connected since every connected device have unique ID. Guarantee the theif need to access WIFI. Make a police report first, get special permission and letter to submit to your notebook agent eg: DELL, ACER or etc so that and logged ID can be easily detected on the internet. That is why everytime you bought any networked device you must immediately register your product online to verify you’re the owner of this product ID.

Else check your internet website that sell computer stuff like mudah.my, lelong.com.my or lowyat.net see if you can spot your notebook on sale else if you’re an adventurous person go from 1 pc shop to another see if y7ou can spot your notebook with matched ID/Serial.

When you purchase you should have original resit and box the indicate the product ID matched the back of the notebook.

if the notebook ia broken like he says I doubt he still has the receipt. lolx

If Notebook broken surely the theif will send to computer shop to repair, so look for it there.

oh i geddit! T.T is the cryin emoticom not tmn tunku *sigh of relief


anyway, few mths ago my relative’s house in krokop pun kena break in. tv, laptop, cash all taken. report police etc, till now pun no news at all!
good luck kawan!

T.T is a cryin emoticon ?


saw lot of cheap notebooks in http://www.mudah.my, see if you can spot one of yurs! who knows theif doing business!

Thats why misserable people should have pets :lol: That helps me a lot in my life!

desa indah? which desa indah is it? :o

btw, i was assuming that tt is taman tungku…

my my my…i really do need to fortify my gates…

maybe i’ll call someone to add in extra ‘fence’ for my home…

i will post the pic on how they did to my gate so that all of u can warn of it!

yes, please…please do put the pics here for

all of us to see…