Home based(Turn Online Shoppoing in2 $$$ making)VACANCIessss

Interested to earn RM1,000,000 as your salary every month continuously non-stop until forever?
If yes, please read all the information on this email, then you will know how to earn so much salary every month.

Malaysian has 28,000,000 people, they spend money to buy daily use products in Tesco/Giant/sunshine supermarket, where are all the money go to?
All the money are going into Those the boss of supermaket, factory, whole salers advertising agents and shareholders’ pockets.
All of 28,000,000 Malaysian’ money are going into their pockets every month, so they are getting rich, and we are getting poor.
Now we have the chance to make all of 28,000,000 Malaysian’s money go into our own pocket. How?

How it works?
It is not direct sales. We are not a salesman. We don’t need to sell anything.
Our job is helping people to sign up a membership account so that they can get 30% to 40% discount when they are shopping in supermarket.
All members will go to supermarket to buy products personally by themselves just like your father and mother go to Tesco/Giant supermarket to buy daily uses products by themselves every month.
The supermarket will pay you 20% commission when your members buy products there.

There are many customers shopping in Tesco/Giant supermarket everyday. Let’s say there are 100 customers per day. All the 100 customers buy RM200 products per day. So how much you can earn?
100 customers x RM200 x 20% commission = RM4000 as your salary per day! So RM4000 x 30 days = RM120,000 as your salary per month.
Every month customers go there shopping buy RM200 products, Every month you earn RM120,000.
Every family sure will go supermarket buy products every month, unless they can tahan 1 month no bath, 1 month no wash cloth, 1 month no brush teeth, 1 month no wash hair…

You can earn 20% commission from members are sign up by yourself. You can earn 7% commission too from the members who are sign up by your members.
You can have 7 layers only. For example, you sign up A, then A sign up B, then B sign up C, then C sign up D, then D sign up E, then E sign up F, then F sign up G, then G sign up H.
You can earn 20% commission from A. You can earn 7% commission from B,C,D,E,F and G too because they are in your layer 2,3,4,5,6,7. You cannot earn any money from H because H is on your layer 8.

So, if you are lazy to find many people to join you, you can just find at least 8 people to join you. When you have 8 members, your salary is RM375. So you just sleep at home, don’t need to work anymore because the 8 of your members will go find their own 8 members, then their own 8 members find other 8 members… 8 x 8 x 8 x 8 x 8 x 8 x 8 = 2,097,152 members already. How much you can earn from the 2,097,152 members? The answer is RM18,455,242 as your salary for every month continuously non-stop until forever as long as all of your members go shopping buy products every month.

Malaysia has 28,000,000 people. Indonesia has 230,000,000 people. Philippine has 90,000,000 people. So, you can see it is easy for you to get 2,097,152 members actually. I can teach you how to use the power of Internet to get new members from 16 different countries.

Do you interested to work for MLM or CDM or not?
This job is CDM (Consumer Direct Marketing). You can earn RM1.8 million as your salary every month continuously non-stop until forever from this CDM job.

Do you know how much is RM1.8 million salary? You pay RM10,000 to travel around the world with your lover everyday also cannot finish it. It is because RM10,000 x 30 days = RM300,000 only.

RM1.8million = RM1,800,000 as your salary every month.
You spend RM10,000 per day, RM300,000 every month.

Meaning if you send RM10,000 shopping or traveling everyday, spend RM300,000 shopping and traveling every month. It is just spending 1/6 of your salary only. You still have 5/6 salary to save in your bank account.

Furthermore, if you have 20,000 members in your this Melaleuca CDM group, your salary is RM500,000 every month from Melaleuca company. You can work for other mlm company that time, such as Amway, Herbal life and Marry Kay. You move your 20,000 members to join your Amway, Herbal Life and Marry Kay to earn triple salary which is 3 x RM500,000 from the other 3 MLM companies, + 1 x RM500,000 of your Melaleuca salary. So your total salary is RM2 million every month that time. Then buy 100 houses and 100 shops to rent out. Then you can sleep at home everyday also can get money every month from your 4 mlm companies and from your 200 shops and houses. So, please join me to start work for Melaleuca CDM from now, build your own group, make your group has as many members as you can from today! Let’s rock the world together!

Will you be the top 100 rich guy in the world record?
The answer is NO. Why? Do you know Bill Gates earns US $250 every second. That’s about US $20 million per day. Bill Gates earns USD 600 per month. That is USD!! Not RM!! So you can see we earn RM1.8 million as our salary every month is actually not consider as rich. But at least we can buy a sport car la and we won’t need to face those financial problems in our life anymore.

So, Do you interested to join me to start work for this job now? Please don’t waste too much time to think think think, because we are getting a lot of new members everyday now, soon all potential people are all joined us and left only the non-potential people for you, you will hard to convince non-potential people to join you that time. So, please act faster! Ask me to sign up you to join me and start work for this by now!

email me at pehphang07@hotmail.com to sign up or info

Thank you.