Hollywood partnership for local firm

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Hollywood partnership for local firm
22 May 2006
Shuib Taib

Celebrated director and producer David Winters will co-produce an animated feature film with a local company. The move will mark Malaysias first venture into the Hollywood animation market. SHUIB TAIB writes.

AWARD-winning film director and producer from Hollywood, David Winters, is in Kuala Lumpur to conclude a partnership with a local company in his quest to produce a multi-million animated feature film for the worldwide media market.

Winters has directed, produced and distributed more than 200 feature films.

Recently, one of his movies, Welcome 2 Ibiza, won the Bangkok Film Festival Audience Award for Best Picture.

His latest, The King Maker, starring Gary Stretch and John Rhys Davis (who were also featured in all three Lord of The Rings films), has been nominated in four categories for the Thai Academy Awards this year.

The King Maker also won the Thai Journalists Star Entertainment Award for Best Costumes and the film will have its international premiere screening at next months Cannes Film Festival.

Aside from directing, Winters also choreographs, acts, dances and sings.

He taught stars like Elvis Presley, Ann-Margret, Raquel Welch and Richard Chamberlain how to dance.

He also choreographed many major films, including five Elvis Presley films and Barbra Streisands A Star Is Born.

He choreographed and guest-starred with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Nancy Sinatra in Movin with Nancy (TV), earning his first of many Emmy nominations.

Winters was a regular singer/dancer and choreographer on Hullabaloo, a rock n roll TV series, and co-starred and choreographed Grace Kellys Monaco.

He also created and choreographed The Diana Ross Spectacular for President Ronald Reagan at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City.

His other works include the award-winning Once Upon a Wheel (Paul Newman) and the musical Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (TV) starring Kirk Douglas.

For his television work, Winters has won the coveted Peabody Award, the prestigious Christopher Award, 3 World Television Awards and many Emmy nominations.

He produced, directed, wrote and co-starred in The Last Horror Film, which went on to win numerous awards including the Paris Film Festival Award, the Los Angeles Golden Scroll Award and the Sitges Film Festival Award.

Winters chose Malaysia for his next film project after working with Go Real FX, a Malaysian company based in Thailand during The King Maker.

He is ecstatic with Go Real FXs contribution in the film and he is looking forward to striking a deal with this animation company.

The contemplated film will be an animated and live feature film. It will mark Malaysias first venture into the Hollywood animation market.

What we are embarking on will be a milestone in the history of film, something unique, that no one has ever seen before, said Winters.

I cannot wait to start production.

This is Winterss first visit to Malaysia.

The final agreement will materialise later this May or in June. We intend to hold a ceremony to celebrate the event in Kuala Lumpur, he said.