Hills grounded in Miri

My dull mind told me that the hill in front of Boulevard was grounded to get enough earth to be used for piling for the new Miri-Pujut flyover… :lol: :lol: …

Do you know how many hills have been grounded along the way to Miri Hospital?..Except for the school, the rest of the areas have been used for housing development.

We don’t seem to learn from the landslides happening in W.Malaysia.If no proper planning now,this may affect us or our future generation.

Presently,The greedy rich bussinessmen will get more richer by these development,but in future,if there children have to live in Miri ,this may affect them.

Hill? What hill? I don’t see any hills along that stretch?

what the… you don’t?? damn! they are gone!!! developers are always a few steps ahead of us! :evil:

I thought I saw those hills two months ago…

I heard this rumour long time ago,when the new Miri Hospital was under construction.They said, the first will be the hospital and then slowly the nearby hills will give way for development…hmmm, looks like the rumours are coming true. :roll: :roll:

I’m quite near to that hill. I guess I’ll have easy access by foot to boulevard (hint hint).

At first I tought very hard on how these heavy machineries get there without any path from the main road to the hill. Now then i get it. They enter through few houses near SK Agama near the Tamu Pujut Corner. There’s a road among the houses there.

So will it be a bypass road? a church? or a new General Hospital? or just bringing down the hill and use the soil to build the flyover bridge??

It is a big doubt indeed, and some one shall question this out in the press.

By digging up the hill, it will disturb the ferocious tigers’ sleep and they will demand a human sacrifice, because the tunnel links from the Tanjong Lobang cave all the way under Canada Hill till the end.

A new General Hospital? No lah. You(jackx) could have misheard what wrote Bones wrote. Bones said “I heard this rumour long time ago,when the new Miri Hospital was under construction.” It’s not that they are going to build new hospital. he2. :smiley:

MiriBoyz thanks for clearing my statement.

Part of the discussion in this topic was, hills disappearing on the way to present Miri Hospital.

You’re very much welcome, Bones.

Thanks for the correction… :wink:

You’re welcome jazkx.

Guys here’s the picture of the grounded hill.

dat hills no use one.
sit there wasting space.
better level it down n make shophouse/ apartment/houses.
can sell n make money.
just kasi angpow to certain ppl in order to get approval.
can or not?
sure can la!!

It’s confirm that the hill is excavated to build a CHURCH!

Which one? RC? SIB? Methodist?

i think that place call wire 9…correct me if i’m wrong…

Yeah. That’s what I heard too. So, it’s true. :lol: