Hill Top Garden residents call out MCC, developer to solve road issue

The damaged and dust-covered Jalan Hill Top Utama presents a sorry sight.

MIRI: Residents of Hill Top Garden want their developer and Miri City Council (MCC) to come up with a permanent solution to the damaged and dusty condition of Jalan Hill Top Utama as the current situation has taken a toll on their health.

A resident, wishing only to be identified as Sim, said even though the damaged road leading to the residential area was repaired last month, it has now ‘reverted’ to its previous condition due to the dozens of heavy trucks passing by on working days heading to a nearby construction site.

Resurfaced just last month, Jalan Hill Top Utama is damaged once more due to the many heavy trucks passing through it.

“About four months ago in April, we made an official complaint to the developer and even had reporters come here to take photos and publish the news.

“Though it took them (developer) sometime to agree to repair the road, they managed to do it last month. But to our disappointment, the resurfaced road did not last long and it is now worse because of the dust,” he told The Borneo Post yesterday.

Sim reiterated that the road – less than 100 metres long – can only withstand five tonnes of vehicle weight, meaning it is only for the use of small and medium-sized vehicles.

“The residents have noted that there is a specially-built road leading into the construction site for the trucks, but it seems the drivers are not using it.

“Instead, these usually overloaded trucks use the road in our residential area because it is more convenient for them. The drivers are also prone to driving at speed and also talk on their mobile phones,” he claimed.

Sim further claimed that he has witnessed workers digging up good sections of the road using mini excavators, but not patching or resurfacing it back.

“Because of the dusty road condition, we can no longer open our doors and windows nor are we able to dry our clothes outside because if we do, everything will be affected by the dust,” he said.

On behalf of the residents, he implored both MCC and the developer to rectify the situation before their health is further affected.

When contacted over the matter yesterday, a representative from MCC’s engineering section assured that the council will investigate the issue and take necessary action so that the situation will not persist.

Source: http://www.theborneopost.com/2018/08/08/hill-top-garden-residents-call-out-mcc-developer-to-solve-road-issue/