Hi there. I'm looking for this plastic bottle

(Paige Ling) #1

So basically I’m looking for these bottles to sell juices in. Anyone here knows where I can find them in Miri? :grin:

(MultiUser) #2
  1. Super Save
  2. D.I.Y
  3. DAISO
    & Lastly :- Miri Departmental Store at Piasau Industry area.


Are you looking to buy them in bulk - try some kind of wholesaler, or even have a word with a factory.

(winwin) #4

Do you make the juice yourself? :smiley:

(Awesomian1st) #5

to chime in one @cleary 's suggestion. sites like Alibaba.com or Goexw.com and the likes are some good sites to start.

(Paige Ling) #6

Yes I do~ I’m currently selling using Mason jars.

(Paige Ling) #7

Thank you so much!!! :kissing_heart:

(Paige Ling) #8

Thanks love. I did find some at Alibaba but the minimum quantity to order is at least 10,000 bottles. And so not sure whether the bottles made are of good quality. I am currently starting at a very small scale. :smiley: But nevertheless, thank you for your suggestions~

(winwin) #9

Thats awesome! Can you share a picture and tell me the cost of the juice? I believe members here would like to purchase.

(Paige Ling) #10

: I’m selling in Brunei oh~~~ But if i do drop by in Miri, I can pass you the juice in a mason jar for free :smiley:

(Britanica) #11

I shop for everything online. I have seen similar ones on eBay for like $0.99!

(winwin) #12

Thank you @hitsukin103 I look forward to receiving it. :kissing_heart:

(Paige Ling) #13

gasps REALLY?! I will look into it. Hopefully they can send them bottles to Brunei.

(Paige Ling) #14

@winwin Can you PM me your number? :smile: So it’s easier for me to contact you when I go to Miri. Hopefully first week of January~ My December is very packed with work schedule~ hahahahaha dies

(winwin) #15

@hitsukin103 please check your pm.


I have seen these on several sites. Etsy has them, but I’m not sure of what the bulk cost would be there. You can try a site like Freund Container and Supply. They have them for $.72 with a minimum order of $200, and they ship internationally. Here is a link to the product. These are 8oz but they have others.

(Britanica) #17

I think they, most anyways, ship world wide. I have never found a place from China who limited their shipping areas.

(Paige Ling) #18

This is exactly what I wanted! Thanks bro :grin:


You’re welcome. Good luck with the business, I hope all goes well. Now get out there and sell some juice!

(Ken Choo) #20

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