Hi, Newbie reporting in


I am reporting in, before I go and post any further I need to understand that this MC.Net is intentionally for Local Mirian only or is it okey for outsider who work in Miri to join in share their thought too.


Of course, please do share your thought.

definitely we are welcome everyone to share their personal opinion. Heck this site is known as Miri community which i assume that the purpose of this site is to create and sharing information with everyone especially for thus people who would like to know more about Miri city.

You can be from Mars also mirians will accept you. Hell i’m not a mirian but i spend more than half my life here and accepted by the locals and especialy here cos i’m noisy and create lotsa ruckus! hahahaha Welcome to the Club mah man! hehe

brah, your nick suits your personality the best!

brah, your nick suits your personality the best![/quote]

For sure!! hahahahaha

welcome to mc.net. = )

Thanks, actually I will be a Mirian this coming June,
It is good to know that Miri have an online community.