Hey People! Get Vista and SAVE!

According to Microsoft, total cost of ownership for Windows Vista is US$605 cheaper than running Windows XP…

According to research conducted by Wipro and GCR Custom Research, total cost of ownership for Windows XP is $4,407 annually, while Vista’s cost is $3,802. The $4,407 figure was derived from costs of hardware, software, IT labor, and user costs…

:lol: liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar … :lol:

Same goes for Windows vs. Linux comparisons. Full of crap!


How about not get Vista and save even more :shock:!

You see, that’s “official” words from Microsoft. if people don’t upgrade, their shareholders will not be happy! so people, upgrade upgrade upgrade!!! … :lol: … and it’s for biz executives who don’t know much about technology… :lol:

No, the real reason behind it is that Steve Baldmer will start throwing chairs in his office if people don’t upgrade.

Ballmer: “Damn it Ian! You make me sweat!!!”

Ballmer (again): “can you upgrade??? please…??”

Come everyone! Let’s hold hands and do the ‘developer-developer-developer’ dance!

OK this is freaking me out.

I am saving myself from that, no dancing and clapping for me today…

shows how stressful is his job at Microsoft.

C’mon people, upgrade plz, save him from all that.

Wait! My used car salesman used to do just that! Hold on a sec…Ballmer WAS a used car salesman! :shock: He must have given young Bill a deal of the century to make Bill said … “He is the man!”

Off topic entirely, but, the fact is, I am saving my money for Leopard :lol: Sorry Ballmer…

yayaya…me too…saving for leopard

Well, you’re right about used car salesman antics… Also check out how bad Windows was.