everytime i open my internet explorer on my laptop, it will automatically jump to the address www . d766. com…i donno how to kill it!!!adware and avg cannot scan even after update…its the school’s computer’s fault…transmitted through my pendrive…please help me

okay, plz download “userdump.rar” and do the following instructions…

  1. download the attachment and extract to a “new folder”
  2. start command prompt at start >> run >> cmd
  3. cd “new folder”
  4. userdump.exe -p > help.txt
  5. netstat -an >> help.txt
  6. d:
  7. dir /a >> help.txt
  8. e:
  9. dir /a >> help.txt
  10. : dir /a >> help.txt
  11. post “help.txt” by attaching here or copy and paste from notepad.

will need to see the process that handles the replication before going into IE recovery.

Other solution: Download Firefox and bin IE.

That mean surrender IE and pride.

If IE is infected by a hijacker, other components might be affected too such as Control Panel. Moreover, there is possibility of a hidden process that is draining physical RAM. It got to be uprooted rather than escaping… be a man! face it!

Yeah Huasing, but isn’t that the normal routine for that platform? Everyone is obligated to get it at least once.

First you tackle the problem, then you prevent it.

that is kinda rude (to Microsoft) but it never happen to me once (regarding to the similar issue)! Honestly, I kill more virus than being infected. My awareness sparks after my first infection by blaster worm due the RPC flaw in XP (initial release) and since then, it put an end from other virus infection. Not even the autorun virus and those hijackers… mainly, becoz I don’t watch porn sites :lol:

normal routine for that platform

I can’t fully agree with “that” because it happen on OSX too.
Remember the malicious DMG and ZIP file attack (arbitrary code execution, escalated privileges on restricted user rights and remote code execution) on Safari? You can only believe that you are lucky because the Mac’s user population isn’t as great as Microsoft and the probability of the attack isn’t hitting you “yet”!

Sorry if that offended you!

But Microsoft still have a long run to combat the flaw… as if they never learn to correct all potential flaw. Can’t blame all to Microsoft, because they have created job opportunity for computer technicians. Plus, thanx to the easy installation steps, idiots and lamers in Miri open their own shop and freelance business to charge Windows users for doing “Format and Install”… How has mac contributed to any of these?

Yeah. And Toyota makes zillions of cars, you don’t see their cars break down in huge numbers? Huasing, I’ve already told you, the market share myth holds no truth.

The flaws you mentioned has long been fixed by software updates. This is unlike the flaws in IE, which is widely known but never fixed until too late.

And software updates are a breeze - so - what exploits again?

Best solution: Reformat your PC.

well, let’s narrow down the “market share myth” to Miri users only… how accurate is the truth? I can only say, only rich people (probably just ian) can own a Mac machine. We can only hope pirated version of Mac OS for Intel x64 is widely available in Miri or else Linux desktop is the next (cheaper) alternative.

About Toyota cars, stop using car to explain (I’m not a car freak)… my parents have to pay so much just to repair their Toyota and they still break. If Ulu people drive Toyota with their many family members, I think the suspension end up the same as kancil…

Ya true, for lamers who never wanna learn…

So anyway, want security on your PC? Use Firefox.

nuf said.

aiya, the same thing lar… BTW, how often you go and tweak+review “about:config” in Firefox?

I think Lynx is the most secure browser lo… coz lotsa fancy stuff dun support lo… hahaha :lol:

Most of us don’t get into a high fixing things.

ylong, now you see? No other Mirian care about the mess that you have gone into…
shessh… on the other hand, am I stupid or what, caring you so much like a bz body!

I think it started well when it went off the track abit till u made the final said, You were the one who started the whole thing. Now you made as if we couldn’t do anything for ylong and probably the rest of us to make a say on this matter…So behave and see what other opinions do we have. And also nobody ask you to care so much if you don’t want to.

True it started well initially. Look who wrote the steps in the second post. Then look, the irrelevant info on the following post :stuck_out_tongue: (i can see ian raising a spanner in his palm)

finally, look, whose doing pendidikan moral in here… :lol:

Are you to challenge that my reply to ylong’s post is not a solution?

let him decide then… :slight_smile:

don worry, its just a worm, doesn’t do much harm…but i really enjoyed the adventure of venturing into windows and searching for .dll’s and autoruns and .exe’s which somehow rather i think might be the contributing factor to that little worm living underneath the loosen microsoft type soil…and i learned something too…though little but its better then reformating…i don really agree with reformating cause i dont feel safe after reformating…i would rather go head strong against it or just unleashing the ‘backup’ if there’s no more emulation left. i guess i found this perception of mine changed after looking at the master performing his act and solving lots of problem…i mean i never saw people fighting with fist while everyone slay with swords but fist shed mot blood!!!..hehe…bet that fellow is blushing with pride now ehh huasing…okie thanks anyway to those who have helped me out in this forum…

fire-fighters came in just in time… :stuck_out_tongue: