Help Need for Compaq Pesario V3839TU XP Driver

I dunno where to ask this and i hope this is a correct place to ask if not please move this post to a correct thread …i have a problem on searching the correct driver for this model Compaq Pesario V3839TU Window XP Driver for its wireless. If anyone out there have it please PM me …or upload it to rapidshare.

A Million thanks to you all.

try to google it…i think there’'s a discussion bout it

i tot Compaq have a official website for all the drivers? Erm, i got mine from that website thou. Gud luck wei.

Actually Compaq stop releasing XP drivers for their recent laptops as a way to push Windows Vista.

try to use the V3791TU driver…only bluetooth driver you have to go back to 3839 page …if cannot find…pm me…i give you the link…to download

try using the drivers from V3000 CTO page. this could help

v3000 a lot model o…hard to find. o…just try it .haha

Try this wireless for Broadcom.

If not try this one: … 64&lang=en

cofin: still kenot find ah? (who ask u to flirt with the HP tech. he must hv given u the wrong one. LOL!)

go for window vista like mine…got everything ready…that laptop is designed for window me,window vista is the best choice…window xp is outdate already.thats why hp only provide vista drivers…

Vista for sure got driver but some user still prefer the good old XP for various reasons.

vista is good…but if ultimate…is not for all laptop…some of that…can install…but cannot activate it…eventhough you activate already…only a few days or a few weeks then deactivate again…now only stable is home basic @ home premium…is tested…

ohh finally…lucky saw my fren working at Boulevard IT technical department …ask a copy of driver and its working …darn

Nah…first time is Victor he gave me tht one cant work then the second 1 Robert i din flirt him he still gave me the wrong 1

mine few month liao…no problem till now…stable oo…

this lappie quite nice in shape and good for spec, i might getting this one too hehe, but i will still go for xp for sure. =)

i installed XP in this model, and its very tricky on how to install the drivers, especially the audio driver. in the end i re-installed with Vista. Its running at a good speed, if u r using 2GB of ram.

yupe, agree, it’s not only for this model, infact, alot! headache its designed for vista only.

sape2 nak install win xp dan xp drivers utk notebook nih, leh bg tau kek den yo. email kek wadud @ putera dot com

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