[HELP] Long Bedian

Hi, anyone can tell me more info about Long Bedian?

  1. Distance from Miri town in hours & kms by Hilux.
  2. How to reach Long Bedian from Miri.
  3. Road condition.

To be specific, I’m looking for Petronas SSGP Pipeline
project Camp 5 (O&G guys will know what I’m talking about)

Thanks in advance.

6 hours. FIY, the office of the project is moved to Long Lama.

I want to know the camp’s location actually (camp 5).

Is it going in through Bakong road?

Yes. Just take 4 hour from miri. If u need transpot, just pm me.

Thanks bro but I have transport. How’s road condition? Need rough tyres?

Also is it 4 hours to camp 5?

Camp 5 only 5 minute from long bedian. U need full offroad tyre for safety.

Long Bedian is located within the Kayan territory, up in the Apoh Tutoh region of the Baram district. It is in fact, reachable by 4WD in 4 hrs from Miri but through some real harrowing road conditions. We chose the scenic and slower way of getting there which is : Miri by speedboat to Marudi ; stayover at Marudi ; Marudi by speedboat to Long Lama ; Long Bedian by 4WD to Long Bedian ; Long Bedian by 4WD to Tenyok Rimba Resort.


Long Bedian --> 3 48’ 0" , 114 44’ 0"

Thanks Telusung and whatman!

Clear now.

this is going to be a challenging journey. pls share some photos when you come back.