Help! How to scan using Canon Pixma MP287!

(Anhelicoodle) #1

Anyone here uses Canon Printer Scanner Pixma MP287? I’ve figured out the printing part and photocopy, but how the hash do i scan a document and save it?

(jerryckk) #2

Make sure you installed the software and driver for the printer before you proceed.
If you want to scan, just press the START button, a window will pop out to ask you to open the scanner application.
This is what it takes from other PIXMA printer with scanner… For yours maybe the same too.

Or you can access the scanning function through
Device and Printers > Your printer > Right Click > Start scanning
*If you are using Win7

(Anhelicoodle) #3

thanks… prob already solved… need to install mp navigator ex for that model… i downloaded manually all drivers and softwares. have to since my notebook doesn’t come with a dvd drive… ;p
btw, already settled so thanks for your help.

(Diane Hisus Huerto) #4

hi maam what is installer may have share a idea pls for Canon Printer Scanner Pixma MP287