Help : Google Search Engine Virus / Malware / Adware?

Sup Miricommunity,

I have a bit of a pickle.

I use google for all of my…uh googling

But no matter what I search when I click the link, I get redirected to some advertising site or some unknown web browser. I am using Google Chrome, but problem persists in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox

For example, I typed in Kuching to google and directed to the browser’s result. Upon clicking a link, especially Wikipedia, I was forwarded to an irrelevant page , but if I right click the link and Open it in a New Tab or refresh the page, then, I get taken to the relevant website.

Now I have done scans with Antivir and a full scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, which the later found several minor things, but no fix.

Anyone got any suggestions or come across something weird like this. It is not a major problem, but there is obviously something stopping my browsers working in Google correctly.

Another problem,
lets say I were to tether via my iPhone, I’m able to browse for about 5 minutes, then, the connection would suddenly halt unless I close and reopened the browser. This

never happen before. I’m not sure how it is on WIFI but smooth connection via USB broadband.

I’m running on Windows 7 Home Premium

Well, urm here’s another problem

Thanks in advance.

Bad case of malware. Can try to clean from Firefox?

Tools > Option> Privacy > Clear Your Recent History

Did that, not working. :frowning:

try this

What about:

Tools > Add On > Plugins

and remove any strange plugins.

Otherwise refer to this site for help:

is your windows genuine and updated?
32bit or 64bit?

install Microsoft Security Essentials and scan … fault.aspx

so, is it fixed or

somehow i facing this problem as well with my office pc running on original window 7 64bit, but my house pc isn’t facing this problem.

try combofix … e-combofix

u got hijacked… rootkit

my pc infected last year. After several tries with few tools, it gone. few days later… problem come back.

best solution - reformat your PC