[Help] Calling Curtin Students

Firstly, if this topic isn’t allowed here or is under the wrong board, please feel free to move or delete this topic.

I’d like to say hi to the forum regulars here, and that it’s great to see such a close community in Miri hanging around the forums here. :slight_smile: I’d like to ask for assistance from Curtin student regulars who are familiar with the transportation system in Miri.

My house is rather far from Curtin University, situated along the roads to the airport. It takes a 45 minute drive from my house to Curtin, and the biggest problem is that nobody living in my house is able to provide transport considering the location and the timing of the university schedule. I was just wondering if there’s a city bus from Bintang Plaza, or anywhere near that drives to the bus terminal in Curtin Uni, and on what schedule. Taking a bus is no problem at all, but I’m completely unfamiliar with the bus system in Miri. :oops: Much help is appreciated, and thank you for your time!

get a motorbike, compare to the curtin fees, motorbike cost cheaper

Or you can find a house at senadin…There is chattered bus there to the uni…
A Degree student??

agree with dennos. anyway, it is always better/more convenient to have own transport. if raining, how ley? and honestly its tiring to change/wait for bus everyday to go classes. And maybe your class ends late/ need stay back to do assignment. How ley?

Mmm about the bus schedule in miri, i have no idea. hehe.

Thats rather far. Its like going from one end of Miri to the other end. Bus service schedule? Im not sure. All i know is the bus number is 66. but one thing for sure, Its gonna take you at least one hour to take the bus from town all the way to Curtin. So many stops along the road. But it all depends on what time is the bus la. If during peak hours, i think more then one hour. Why dont you try and apply for accommodation in Villa or Village?

Oh, I’m absolutely against motorbikes, so I’ll have to rule that out. :slight_smile: I’m in the process of acquiring my driving license (by acquiring, I mean taking my first lesson! ;)) so I don’t mind any tedious methods of transport to Curtin Uni since it’s only temporary, a month or two depending on how well I can control the wheel! I intend to drive from my house to the university, so I’ll give the hostels and the villa a pass. It’s just the period in between that worries me, and taking the bus seems to be the only reasonable option (it’s all right since I’m used to taking buses all my life, it’s just Miri’s schedule that I’m not sure about.)

Thank you to those who replied!

in miri, the bus has no schedule, it has an ‘arrive when the bus driver wants’ schedule, hahaha. hitch a ride…

Bus no.66 every hour or half an hour. Can wait near the Bintang Bus stop.

Why dont u rent a house near the campus? Theres Curtin bus that pick students up to campus from Senadin area every half an hour for free.

Or you can choose on campus accomodation.

good luck wit the jams & slow driving drivers of miri

There’s only a handful of options available for you. Well, I believe it does NOT take 45 minutes drive from airport to Curtin no matter how heavy the traffic is. I also believe there’s a shortcut near the airport bypassing directly to the roundabout near Boulevard. I think we Chinese call it route “Niu Chang Chun”? Through that, you can certainly take off 5-10 minutes compared to the main route from airport to Curtin. You mentioned you lived along the roads to the airport? Exactly where? If its really near the airport, I strongly suggest you use the route Ive mentioned just now. Secondly, why not rent a house near Curtin rather than figuring out the hectic yet unreliable public transport system in Miri? Its gonna be bus no. 66 for you if you do not have your own transport. Another way is to make some friends who lived near you, o hail “tumpang”!

Totally agreed wth wenfuu

miri public transport sysyem=totally unreliable

Miri public transport are expensive & unreliable, one trip $$ can use for 3 days motorbike fuel, raining is not a problem, If u dare enough to take the ‘challenge’ :wink:

get a bf wit a car!!


but not drug user one la…

Watch out, miri got tonnes of pervert and baddies in the bus, except if you’re male. Bring a baseball bat ya.

My honest opinion, even if you take bus no.66 from bintang plaza, u still hav to take bus to tt bus stop. tt no.66 will take 1hour to reach the campus excluding waiting time. the local bus schedule is nv accurate. Imagine if u miss the bus. I guess u’ll probably miss ur class as well, unless u come to school 7 or 8am in the morning everyday. if u seriously still insist on taking public transport, it’ll take total of 4hours everyday back and ford. Up to you dude…

i think better u go find a curtin bf wth car who can sends u to and back from sch everyday

150 a month i could be ur driver…haha jk…bus form airport to curtin i think its gonna take too long…taxi is gonna be to too expensiv…why not rent a house near curtin for the mean time…

if can, get a curtin lecturer as ur bf. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

r u like for real u wanna travel that far to campus everyday by bus?! haha one word: adventurous!
have fun with it anyway :wink: