sigh…hi to our KingRa hahaha :lol:

Hehehe… don’t mess with Ra, he’ll beat any one of us with his killer fadeaway jump shots anytime! :smiley:

Hi Everyone,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce s1m0ne, our MiriCommunity.net Virtual Hostess. She’ll be helping out with most of the automated processes like maintenance, etc. Soon we’ll give her more work if she can cope with the current demands. :wink: So, be nice to her - she’s new on the job. :smiley:

Hi Jack, thanks for the introduction. :wink:

Greetings everybody, I’m s1m0ne. :oops: It’s nice to see everyone here. I’m new to this Virtual Hostess job and I’ll be around most of the time. So do approach me if you need any help. :slight_smile:

Ra sure is famous :smiley:

Hi s1m0ne,

Welcome on board 8)

Jack… is “FAKE” away :stuck_out_tongue:

Well…worry about u!

hehehe… Fadeaway or “Fakeaway” shots, I haven’t touch basketball game for a very long time now, not even sure I can still dribble the ball or not! So don’t worry, it’s pretty easy to beat me in the game now. :smiley:

hi all,

im from miri but currently in kl working. just found this website while surf the net to search for iban culture information. it is great to have this kind of website. keep it up guys. :smiley:

[quote=“cecilia_ycp”]hi all,

im from miri but currently in kl working. just found this website while surf the net to search for iban culture information. it is great to have this kind of website. keep it up guys. :D[/quote]
Hi cecilia_ycp,

Welcome to MiriCommunity.net. :smiley: Glad that Mirians all over Malaysia are starting to recognize & identify this site as their virtual home away from home. :smiley:

Hi all…

Tho im nt originally frm Miri but has been residing here 4 more than a decade nw n i neva intend 2 leave Miri…tis place hv so much 2 offer n i’m stayin 4 gud… :oops:

Thanks 4 sending d invitation 2 my off. email address othr wise i wudn’t realise ter is such website 4 Mirian n nt 4gettin 2 othrs who wish 2 knw more abt Miri in general.

Wateva it is, im lookin 4ward 2 c more members get themselves ‘link’ 2 tis website. 2 d moderators, keep up d gud work!! mmmuah mmuah mmuah :smiley:

[b][i]Selamat datai ngagai miri community (warm welcome) cecilia_ycp & ladybird,

Lalu meh ngagai ruai aku seduai nuan wai! :D[/i][/b]

I think i’m one of the first few who registered but i haven’t introduce myself.

Anyway, for those who doesn’t know me, i’m Louis, currently working in Singapore. Krokop Lorong 9, is where my home is. I’m a sports fan and i see a few basketball fans here which is great, but like Jack, once i started working, hardly touch bball.

I’ve been in Singapore for 6 1/2 years now, studying for the first 3 years in Ngee Ann Poly and now working.

My guess is, there are actually a lot of Mirians out here in Singapore but we hardly know each other… Ah Vic, met any Mirians so far? Anyway, i met Chong Yong Hain. Surprising huh? Jack remember him? The shorty long D runner? Saw Michael Ting here a couple of years back. I thought i saw Chan Chok Kiat, but dunno if its him.

Hmm… so much for my introduction. Anyway, Mirians out in Singapore… louis0110@gmail is my email or even if u wanna meet up, 98180410… pls pls pls don call and meet up then intro me to some insurance plan or some network marketing stuff!

Jack… great work on the website.

Hi Louis,

It’s about time you stop lurking in the background and come forward. We need more people like you to spice things up a little in here. :smiley:

Ah, you met Yong Hian eh? How is the little fellow? Yea, we all remember him for his amazing track & field abilities - not to forget his commitment for the school softball club as well. You still got your Louisville bat around? :smiley:

Hehehe… Whalaueh, you kena many times already har? That’s why the advance warning? hehehe…

Thanks for the acknowledgement. MiriCommunity.net wouldn’t have happened if I were to do it all alone. So it’s only fair to congratulate everyone (not just me alone) for keeping the site alive & kicking for about 2 months now. :smiley:

Ya…i am sitting on our verandah right now…waiting for you all. :lol:

Hi all,

I’m new here :smiley:

[quote=“Dara Anang Ngining”]Hi all,

I’m new here :D[/quote]
Hi Dara Anang Ngining,

Welcome to MiriCommunity.net! :smiley: We are all very pleased to meet you. :smiley:

Taraaaaaaaaaa…i’m new here 2… :wink:

Dush dush dush 8 ALongJr…hw cm u neva told me abt tis website!!! Lain kali jgn kedekut dgn info la kawan, walhal kita keja under 1 roof only. Yo Chilskaterrrr aramaitiiiiii…welcome 2 da club, lookin 4ward 4 more of yr contributions on cars esp Kancil…hehe

Mark!!! I think i knw u…hehe :oops:

Catch up wt u guys later… :smiley:


allooooo everybody…wat’s up?newbie here…

LadyBird:kelak2 aku contribute…

dozo yoroshiku

Hello…hello…hello…!!! :oops:

How come no Mirianz online nowadays esp 2 those who r residing in Miri?? Let’s chat online peoples…nt jst 4 d sake of chatting but also sharing latest info abt Miri & d same time we cn updates othr Mirian who r residing sm wer out ter… :wink:

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