Heavy vehicles asked to stay off wet logging roads

Photo shows poor conditions of a logging road in Telang Usan.

MIRI: Ulu Baram folk are seeking the cooperation of heavy vehicle owners to postpone business activities during the present wet spell by refraining from travelling on logging roads.

Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau said the logging roads are the main transportation link for many rural villages in the constituency.

“What saddens me is to see even when the road conditions are wet, especially after heavy rain, huge trailers or vehicles – suspected to be from outside the district – continue to use the road.

“They do not understand the requirements but continue to travel on the roads and with their heavy loads and the weight of the vehicles themselves, this damages the
soft part of the earth roads badly,” he said when contacted Tuesday.

He pointed out that timber companies normally stop work and transporting operations on the roads using heavy vehicles during wet periods to ensure they could be fully utilised during dry days.

Dennis said it is critical for heavy vehicle owners to cooperate with villagers.

“This is especially critical with the huge number of our people expected to return home for the coming Christmas celebration.

“I urge the big and heavy vehicles perhaps to postpone doing any business and travelling along timber roads, frequently used by locals for their daily needs, from Dec 16 until Jan 5 next year, unless absolutely necessary for them to do so.

“This is crucial as the weather is forecast by the Meteorological Department to be very wet all along until February next year,” he added.

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