Heavy rain floods parts of Baram and Ulu Niah, no evacuations reported

Non-stop rain left Long Panai longhouse inundated by about a metre of water.

MIRI: Several areas in Baram and Ulu Niah were hit by floods yesterday following heavy rain, with several schools, roads and settlements inundated by up to three feet of water.

Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) Miri chief Law Poh Kiong said personnel from the Batu Niah fire station were deployed to monitor the situation along the road in Ulu Niah leading to the town.

“The road at Keburak Bridge, Ulu Niah was inundated by more than a foot of water and impassable to small vehicles this morning (Sunday).

“The residents of Ulu Niah were cut off and could not go down to Batu Niah town,” he said in a statement.

Bomba personnel monitor the flood situation near Keburak Bridge in Ulu Niah.

He said the situation improved by 3pm yesterday and most local residents were able to resume going about their daily activities.

“No evacuations were necessary in both Baram and Ulu Niah,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Baram education office reported that the situation at flood-hit SK Benawa, SK Sungai Bong in Tinjar and SMK Tutoh Apoh was under control despite the water level at the respective schools still rising.

It said SMK Tutoh Apoh was the worst hit with the water level there measured at 3.7 feet.

SK Long Panai saw its football field inundated by about four feet of water, but its school building was spared due to it being located on a hill.

The flood situation at SK Sungai Bong yesterday.

The nearby 129-door Long Panai longhouse meanwhile was hit by about a metre of water after nearly two days of non-stop rain, said resident Jau Laing.

The 60-year-old said the flood has submerged the longhouse’s verandah but that no evacuation was necessary.

“I hope the authorities concerned will continue to monitor the flood situation at all longhouses to ensure the safety of the people,” he said when met.

It is learnt that the longhouse remained inundated as of 5pm yesterday.

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