Heart Specialist in Miri

Do anyone know there is any heart & lug specialist in Miri for adult? :expressionless: :?
Thank you.

You can try Columbia or MCMC but those are visiting specialist, facilities only available in Kch

I pass by soon hup tower almost every day and saw got 1 clinic called Dr Roy Wong located between bank simpanang and dentist Aziz(don’t know how to spell his name).

Yes. Dr Roy Wong is a heart specialist. His clinic is at the same row as Bank Muamalat.

Agree,Pusat Jantung Hospital Umum that just open few months at Kota Samarahan is the best in Sarawak I think…
They got complete medical & operation facilities~

From what I know, my Dad who went for a bypass, was recommended to go to Kuching Hospital by the specialise in Singapore as, the one in Kuching apparently is the best in Malaysia and singapore. Or was it KK? dang i cant remember, it was so long ago lolx.