He banks on luck and laughs all the way to bank

KUALA LUMPUR: Six years of betting on the same numbers has finally paid off for a Sabah businessman to the tune of RM2 million.

Sports Toto Malaysia said yesterday the man, in his 40s, won the first prize in the Toto 6D game drawn on Saturday.

He is the sixth millionaire Sports Toto has made this month. Five other lucky people have won a total of RM10.7 million on Toto jackpot games.

The RM2 million winner, a father of one, said for the past six years, he had placed RM10 on each of two 6D numbers.

He said he had a hunch his luck was good, so he recently raised his bet to RM20 for each number.

“About a week ago, one of my eyelids kept twitching and I knew something good would happen. True enough, one of my numbers was drawn as the first prize last Saturday.”

The man said he would put some of the money aside for his childs education and safe the rest to live off the interest.


6 years of betting=how much?
total win=2 million

izzit worth it?

i say it worth every penny… consider this… he bet $20 on every game, & the draw only come 3 times a week, & that would be $60 per week. So a month would be $240 & go ahead & times 72 months or 6 years, u’ll get $17,280.00 spend… minus $2,000,000.00 & there we go… $1,982,720.00. Still worth it… he’s a damn lucky man…

p/s. i don’t bet or gamble. :wink:

Seems that Sarawakian or Sabahan punter always have the luck when comes to strike either 6D or 6/49 jackpot.

dont you think so guys?

Wah, 2 MILLIONS ar???

Mir Lancer, I think I can agree with you though. I’ve ever heard somebody won some sum like 5 MILLION by Toto. Walao…

Anyway, please don’t go gambling. Even if you want, just go and have a luck. Wakaka…

BUt 2 MILLIONS is still something BIG ler…

kena tax or not dat winning lottery?
if kena tax sure rugi but still alot la

[quote=“haroldz”]kena tax or not dat winning lottery?
if kena tax sure rugi but still alot la[/quote]

Haroldz… u won’t get tax out of the winning prize becoz when u go put in your bet, the tax is included oledi… so for every RM1 u paid, u will have to add in 5 cents…

actually… still have to pay… coz is considered INCOME… like if you buy stuff and sell stuff… you buy need pay tax, you sell also need pay tax. Earning lotto money is also considered income unless lotto smart and call it a “gift” but then government can still tax you on your “asset”

Jze77… agreed with your calculation… and double agreed that he is a damn lucky man… :wink:

RM17280 + 5% tax = RM18144

After deduction of his RM2M = RM1981856… then Fixed Deposit them with 3% interest, he will get RM59455 per years… so ends up he will be able to spend something around RM 4900 per month… WOW…mana cari… :shock:

Nolah where got tax anymore if he buy things…

My friend once kena RM800k cash he buy car
just show the income tax guy his Toto photocopied
slip and he can buy anything he want.

no need to pay tax anymore. but have to keep the receipt issued by Toto as proof.

i know it. how?