Hawkers see red over frequent thefts at Tamu

A trading day at Tamu Kedayan.

A trading day at Tamu Kedayan.

MIRI: Hawkers at Tamu Kedayan and Tamu Centre Point want Miri City Council and the police to take the necessary action to resolve the frequent theft cases happening in the two markets.

The hawkers chose the media to air their grievances in the hope someone could help them.

Jamaiah Othman, a ‘kuih’ seller of over 40 years at Tamu Kedayan, said thieves had damaged the hawkers’ cabinets and stole their merchandise worth hundreds of ringgit.

“We are not rich people and we depend on proceeds from the sales of our produce to make ends meet. The police may consider it as minor cases, but in reality it causes us a lot of trouble not to mention the financial loss,” the septuagenarian said, adding that countless complaints had been lodged to the relevant authorities but to no avail.

Jamaiah hoped when the new market opposite Tamu Muhibbah was completed the security issue would have been included in the package.

Mahal Sahak a fruit seller said she was left devastated when thieves forcibly opened her cabinet where she kept her produce (banana) a few months ago.

“When people asked why we kept our goods in the cabinet, we told them it was impossible to carry the ‘leftover’ produce home because of the distance. The cabinets are supposed to safely keep our produce until the next day for sale again.

“The rising theft cases since last year have caused us huge loss and at times, our income could not even cover the loss or our bills.”

Mahal has now chosen to nail shut her cabinet to keep her produce safe and would open it the next morning.

She said thieves did not only steal their merchandise but also the market’s facilities such as the ceiling fans.

“Without the ceiling fans we have to bear the heat,” she said.

Hawkers at Tamu Centre Point also said the frequent theft had cost them dear and they are hoping the relevant authority would take action so they could do their business in peace.


Source: http://miri.my/2016/03/12/hawkers-see-red-over-frequent-thefts-at-tamu/