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Is it correct to say that Malaysia is the only country to have laws against sedition, a.k.a. criticism of another race, religion, etc etc? Elsewhere, aggrieved parties usually sue each other in civil court. But gov’t prosecution? Multi-racial societies exist everywhere, but they need not resort to such extreme measures.

The above is based on the recent and ongoing spate of arrests made on the slightest tint of “sedition”, as well as the many awaiting trial. What’s going on?

they have their own agenda. in fact, they create the tension to put their people within their comfort zone & not cross the line. the line that seperate the ignorance & understand of each other. they never understand other people.

kepentingan diri sendiri i say

aiyak this topic is too high level for my understanding so not much comment laa. i dono laa. i tot malaysia is promoted as a country with diverse culture, where all race lives in harmony and respect each other. aih i dono laa. irony and sarcastic i know laa.

that wat media say…bcoz media got control by gabemen…