Have you get yours?

some of my fren just frustrated with this and ask if i get the offer
hence i had top up mine ytd and of cz i get it!!
understand why my fren in KL upset about this! haha

so all I need to do is top up??
wowww 10gb is great!!!
that’s so much but short in validity

existing or new user applicable for this
yup 10gb for fb, 10gb for midnight so basically all day long!!
little short on validity but still should be ok?

seriously?? 10gb omggg few days back only get a new number for this!!
so im eligible for this right?? any hidden T&C??

lol u can always check at their website
our neighborhood also get the same offer
so have u claim yours?

yes you r entitle for this
nothing much but make sure you are not out the state or else might get charge
thought it could be merdeka offer since independence month but no lol

haven’t cz not yet top up
but isn’t that the other xpax better in term of validity?
7days may not able use up…holy crap if not heavy user

don’t think that telco wlll be so generous XD
some other user said tak adil cz they didn’t get it
hotlink failed to please everyone

it looks like they try to avoid letting ppl know about this cz their fb page doesn’t has this
u know try to prevent controversy like previous i guess

ok T&C always hidden at bottom with those small words lol
due to work i swift to Miri (previous in melaka) so im glad to have this but like others said a bit unfair to other state user
can we have win win situation in here?

lol impossible cz they are not charity organization
maybe unsatisfied user can complaint at their customer service
who knows they will make it to all user no matter where u r

my fren visited me in bought a new number just to enjoy this benefit since he will be in here for 2 weeks business trip…he really desperate for it!! must use it up before leaving here lol

they need certain number of user in diff place so guess they are just trying to attract more user
either u switch or else i don’t think that will happen
month of merdeka but it doesn’t mean so lol

im on fast internet with 8GB for weekend usage
so far im ok with it but of cz no one want to miss out good deal
kay im lil upset about this…maybe try complaint?? hmm

go go try complaint!
perhaps they will do like last time all equal treatment