Have you ever missed someone?

Not like “oh I miss them” but this deeper yearning to be as close as you can to them and knowing you can’t, you feel the butterflies in your gut but they are on fire and the world just seems plain and old without them by your side.

Oh yes. My first and only love. We grew up together and were best friends. His family moved away when he was 15 and he couldn’t afford to stay behind, plus he had the opportunity to go to college in the USA. We speak on Skype every now and again but we have yet to set a visiting date. It has been 10 years since he left.

I think we have all missed someone like this but it does fade over time.

wish you were right JMar2 but mine had not fade away and i think fate playing over me.

accept as it is, i will always miss him till my last breath…

I have never felt this way but I have not let myself get close enough to someone to feel it. I miss some of my family members who have passed away or moved away but not like my life was over.

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I miss my grandpas, both of them passed away a year ago… Still wishing they were here!

Being away at work and away from Miri, I miss being around the hometown folks in general. One of the moments I miss is having breakfast at Hopoh early in the morning where you will see the morning rush building up after people had their breakfast or strong cup of coffee.

I thought I did - but it was sooooo not worth it.

Miss my bf a lot when he has to go offshore for work. Life gets boring when he is not around.

I can cheer you up whenever he’s not around :sunglasses:

I feel like I have but not because I “needed” them, I needed them because I loved them. Get what I mean?

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That is a beautiful way to put it Meor :+1: